After numerous false starts and long standing production issues with the paint leaking into the rear glass, the White iPhone 4 has finally hit retail shelves world wide and is available to purchase from Apple’s online retail store. Its been a mythical White Buffalo of the smartphone world since the introduction of the Black iPhone 4 in June of 2010 and for many users it’s rarity has seemingly made the device even more enticing. But with the iPhone 5 seemingly set for an Autumn introduction we have to ask the question: Are you still interesting in purchasing a White iPhone 4?

Presumably a much smaller quantity of White iPhone 4s will go into production when compared to the Black version, which might add a kind of limited edition quality to them. For those collectors among you, who knows maybe in the distant future when the iPhone 4 is being sold at auction its the White version that will be the much coveted and sought after smartphone. Especially if you’ve managed to keep it in mint condition of course.


4 thoughts on “Will you be buying the White iPhone 4?

  1. NOPE,

    Im pretty happy with my iPhone 4 16Gb Black on 3 Ireland.

    And i dont understand the need for a white version. its still the same device.

  2. I will be getting the white iPhone 4 in June. Im waiting to see what apple offer at WWDC, the reason i am getting the white one is because i have a white iPad 2.

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