Sony’s eagerly awaiting answer to the Tablet craze will soon be upon us. The Sony S1 and S2 Tablets were demonstrated today by the company in the video below. Both Tablets will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The S1 features a 9.4-inch display and runs an Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC processor at a currently unknown clock speed and boasts a unique wedged shape to it’s sleek form factor whereby it tapers out at the bottom. Sony believe this design makes its easier to hold the device for long periods. The device can also be used to remotely control other compatible Sony products throughout your home. It also provides full access to Sony’s Qriocity audio, video and eBook store. USB and microSD expansion are expected also along with front and rear facing cameras. The device is fully Playstation certified, which will certainly help to bolster it’s gaming credentials. It will also feature a proprietary UI known as “Quick and Smooth” along with a “Swift” Web Browser designed to improve browsing performance for slower internet connections.

The S2 Tablet is almost like a cross between a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS. It features a dual-screen clamshell design with two 5.5-inch touch screen displays that run at a resolution of 1024 x 480. The S2 is marketed as being a mobile communications and entertainment device with a heavy emphasis on eBook reading. The same Tegra 2 SoC resides inside the S2. This Tablet appears ideal as a portable handheld gaming device with touchscreen controls reminiscent of those found on the Playstation Portable. With it’s customizable virtual keyboard on the bottom, typing emails seems potentially easier than what we’ve seen on previous Tablets on the market. The S2 offers an almost Netbook quality to it’s form factor.  Expect full Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G support. Pricing and launch details have not yet been announced but sources are pointing to an Autumn release.

Click on the video below to watch Sony’s demonstration of the S1 and S2 Tablets.


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