AMD has introduced two new low end 6000 series GPUs designed to meet the needs to budget minded graphics enthusiasts with the Radeon HD 6670 and 6570. Whats more both GPUs come in at just below the $100 price point. They feature support for DirectX 11 and full stereoscopic 3D along with a whole host of other note worthy graphical attributes like Eyefinity multi-display technology. Both cards offer a combined performance improvement of up to 15% over their predecessors in the 5000 series.

In terms of specs the 6570 features 512 MB of onboard video ram, while the 6670 boasts 1 GB at (4 GHz data rate GDDR5). The 6570 runs at a clock speed of 650 MHz and the 6670 runs at 800 MHz. Both of these cards are placed above their smaller entry level sibling the HD 6450. The 6570 will set you back a reasonable $79 while it’s bigger brother the 6670 again just scrapes the below the ton mark at $99.


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