In a new leaked HTC commercial it is revealed that their newest handset will feature a 16MP camera. Whats more based on the buttons contained on this new device it appears that it could be sporting Windows Phone 7 as it’s OS of choice. This would be the first time that Windows Phone 7 has featured on a HTC phone. The 16MP camera is certainly a breakthrough from a smartphone perspective. It also features a dual LED flash for taking exceptional photos. The commercial states “camera phones are great for capturing spontaneous moments but not great at capturing them perfectly. They do now with a 16MP camer and 2 LED flashes even a phone can give you professional shots.”

Pocketnow states that the new handset looks just like the recently released HTC Desire S but with Windows buttons instead. They go on to speculate that it could be the rumored HTC Ignite. Click on the video below to see the full commercial.


5 thoughts on “New HTC phone features 16MP Camera & possibly Windows Phone 7?

  1. Windows Phone 7 in on the HTC Trophy, Surround, HD7, Mozart and Pro (and I think there are a few more), so this is not the first HTC WinPhone 7 device.

  2. How many phones is HTC gonna release. I know this is a big upgrade in the camera department but it’s not MegaPixel count I’m worried about. It’s the sensor, the lens, and the motion blur. They will probably never be able to overcome that in a phone compared to a real camera. I’m all for progress but 16MP camera in a phone sounds a bit ridiculous. I’d rather have a faster responding camera to capture the right moment then some slow mamoth processing behemoth of Megapixels.

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