Windows 8 Italia has uncovered yet another new and innovative feature from the leaked 7850 build of Microsoft’s latest flagship OS. By clicking on the “power button” under the start menu you are met with the following option: “Change what the power buttons do”. Here you can enable “Hybrid Boot”, which comes recommended under the power management features. However Hybrid Boot does not alter the boot up process but rather the shut down process. It is designed to replace the default shutdown routine in order to ensure faster boot up.

Think of it as a kind of an advanced hibernation mode. It doesn’t fully shut the computer down but appears to disable core system services. Whats more speculation is indicting that there may be an advanced customization setup for users who wish to create their own shutdown behaviors. The service would allow you to choose what applications and services running in the background get disabled upon shutdown. I would imagine there will be limits in place as regards the types and amounts of services that users will be allowed to disable.


2 thoughts on “Windows 8 “Hybrid Boot” mode discovered

  1. I guess its a nice feature to have. But before I shut down Windows, I usually kill some processes, I think this feature would work out well If I have Windows 8 in the future.

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