In an attempt to curb the increased copyright offenses on the YouTube, Google has introduced a new video (in what could possibly become a series) designed to explain the rules and dangers of copyright infringement. Users who breach copyright with their videos are required to sit through this 4 minute 39 second children’s style educational cartoon, which describes some examples of exactly what copyright pertains to with regard to original content. It then goes on to remind users of Google’s policy with regard to dealing with repeat offenders. Uploaders who are caught will be warned via an email from Google and their video will be removed. The “three strikes and your out” system means that two more warnings will result in permanent deactivation of their YouTube account and potential legal action by the copyright holder.

A YouTube spokesperson said “YouTube remains committed to protecting original creative works, whether produced by an established star or the next breakout artist, “To keep this commitment, we’ve worked hard not only on powerful tools for copyright owners, but also to encourage good behavior from our users.” It is worth noting that YouTube accounts that are found to infringe copyright may simply be closed without explanation or warning. When uploading videos to YouTube extreme caution is advised. Ensure that you own every aspect of the content that includes all images and audio including background music if any.


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