Who says a powerful Desktop PC has to be a gigantic workstation tower? If your looking for a mini all-in-one that packs a processing punch then the LPC-670 from Stealth might be worth a look. At just 6.5 inches x 6 inches its a tiny wireless router-sized mobile PC (complete with an antennae) all stuffed into a Nettop form factor but sports some decent horsepower under the hood. Although it does not feature the latest Intel Sandy Bridge architecture, they do make use of the older Arrandale CPUs and offer two Core i5 options the 520M and 580M and one Core i7 at 2.67GHz thats the 620M. RAM can go all the way up to 8GB the graphics are provided by Intel’s integrated variety.

Full specs:

  • Runs OS Ubuntu Linux, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • RJ45
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1080p HD Video
  • 750GB of hard drive
  • DVD writer
  • Extended Desktop
  • 5.1 channel audio output
  • HDMI output

Commenting on the launch of the LPC-670 Stealth President and CEO Ed Boutilier said “The Stealth model LPC-670 is the most powerful and advanced small form Little PC we have ever offered. This full featured machine utilizes the new Intel Core i7/i5/i3 mobile processor family and we believe it competes for the most processing power per square inch of any personal computer available today.”

The LPC-670 certainly crams a huge amount of features, functionality and power into a very tiny chassis. With solid state options starting at 32GB up to 256GB along with slot loading DVD and Blu-ray drives. Unfortunately there is no option for discrete graphics. As a result this won’t be a heavy gaming PC but HD video will certainly play very admirably. The entry level model features a 160GB hard drive and starts from a very pricey $1,650. Similarly to the pricing strategies of ultra-portable Notebooks it appears your paying for the compactness and convenience.


1 thought on “Stealth introduces LPC-670 Mini PC

  1. Very Pricey. Yeah. Windows’ sad attempt to mimic the Mac Mini. And the next one will blow these specs away. or nearly. And look at it. I wouldnt want to look at that thing on my desk, it has an antenna for crying out loud. That looks like something from 6 years ago. It’s double the price of the Mac Mini too. Hmmm… so much for apple making the most expensive products…

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