Its been rumored for some time now that Apple may soon incorporate carbon fiber into their devices, most notably their mobile devices. Following the launch of the original MacBook Air it was widely touted that Apple were investigating how to use carbon fiber in the Air’s under side of its chassis. This would replace the aluminum enclosure currently used. Of course pricing of such materials for consumer devices at the time was perhaps a tad prohibitive. Whats more at present carbon fiber is mostly a black material and Apple appeared to be less interested in being restricted to this color. Nevertheless, Macrumors are reporting that Apple are continuing to look into the possibility of using carbon fiber not only in their Air lineup but across the entire notebook range and even their iPad.

Its worth noting that last year Apple purchased exclusive rights to use Liquid Metal’s very special alloys for use in their future consumer products. Although they have yet to introduce any devices using such exotic new lightweight materials. The benefits of using Liquid Metal’s alloys include its strength, it is 2.5 times stronger than titanium while being lighter, its 1.5 times as tough as stainless steel and 2 to 3 times more resistant to permanent deformation than traditional metals. Its also more scratch resistant, more suitable to dealing with higher temperatures and can achieve all of this while being far thinner.


6 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber for future Apple Notebooks and iPads?

  1. Interesting… Personaly I like the black colour, but I don’t think that this will replace all the macbooks, there will properly be aluminum ones too…

  2. Interesting… i have heard of the liquid metal but did not now its physical properties were this good. I hope to see it in future releases. the Carbon Fiber too. that could trim the weight down to nothing.

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