The very idea of a modern PC retrofitted to look like a classic 1982 Commodore 64 gives me goosebumps but that is exactly what Commodore USA have done. The new Commodore 64x is now available featuring the original bulky brown keyboard chassis and black keys but with entirely modern hardware under the hood. It features an Intel Atom D525 CPU at 1.8GHz with 2 GB of RAM upgradable to 4 GB and the Nvidia ION GPU, Realtek ALC662 6-CH HD Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, 2 SATA2 3GB/s ports. I/O connection points including four USB 2 ports, DVD drive with optional Bluray, PS2 mouse connectors and DVI, HDMI, VGA ports for the latest monitors. It also includes a whole host of memory card expansion slots like XD, SD/MMC and Memory Stick Duo.

As you can see the function keys on the right hand side have now been updated to work as quick launch media buttons for volume control, Web and email. The Commodore 64x runs your choice of either Windows Vista or Windows 7 and comes preinstalled with an emulator for running the old classic Commodore 64 games. Basically this is a fully functional Nettop PC, a low powered keyboard-based computer designed for those older geeks looking to recapture the magic of 1980’s computing. I was a former owner of a Commodore 64C, the slimmer and more powerful version of the original that this 64x design is based on. Nevertheless I find it a tempting purchase if for nothing more than nostalgia purposes. The basic barebones model costs $250 with no hard drive, higher models include 160 Gb, 250 Gb and 500 GB drives. The highest model is far more feature packed including a 1 TB drive among other things for $850. Click here to visit Commodore USA.


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