Not to get too carried away by the big-rig gaming boards from Nvidia and AMD lately, its worth taking the time to discuss two new budget-minded GPUs. Just launched by AMD the Radeon HD 6790 costs $150 and the Radeon HD 6450 takes it’s place as the companies new lowest end consumer discrete GPU at just $55. The 6450 offers 160 stream processors and optional 512MB or 1GB of GDDR5 and GDDR3 Memory respectively. The memory interface bus incidentally is 64-bit. Clock speeds between the two options run from 625MHz and 750MHz respectively.

Current benchmarks favor this new Radeon HD 6450 over the current crop of Intel integrated HD 3000 GPUs found in the likes of the Core i5 and i7 ThinkPad Edge E420s series notebooks and the latest generation MacBook Pros. It possess twice as many stream processors previously found Caicos core-based GPUs. It also supports a decent array of display output options from the DisplayPort 1.2, dual-link DVI, good old trusty VGA and HDMI. It appears AMD have produced a solid performing entry-level discrete GPU at an excellent price point.


2 thoughts on “AMD Introduces Budget minded Radeon HD 6450 GPU

  1. This is all a gaming PC really needs, I found it useless to upgrade to a high end 400-500 video card seeing how most games on PC right now are ports of console games that run on 5 year old hardware. Unless your playing games on a high resolution screen or on multiple monitors, get this instead.

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