A few years ago I was certain that desktop PCs were in their last death throws of popularity. They seemed destined to be replaced by their smaller more portable notebook and tablet cousins and although to a large extent their market share has diminished somewhat from the introduction of these more portable consumer devices, they nevertheless still have a place in the home as the primary media centre computer. Nowadays consumers are less interested in the big bulky desktop tower boxes that take up much needed desk space with their external monitors. All-in-one PCs seem like the more convenient way forward thanks to their space saving form factor and vast reduction of cable mess. Admittedly upgrading anything beyond RAM is out of the question, but most users don’t make upgrades to their computers anyway as our consumer driven society is more concerned with the ‘shiny new thing’ and will ultimately replace their PCs rather than refit them with new hardware.

This seems to be why AIOs are fast becoming the more popular of the desktop variants and the Aspire Z5761 from Acer looks set to continue that trend. It features a 23-inch HD display and several Sandy Bridge CPUs to choose from ranging from the Core i5-2400, 2500 or the Core i7-2600. It also includes the Nvidia GeForce GT440 as its primary GPU but you can also select the GT435M or the GT420 depending on your budget. Storage options go to 1.5TB and TV tuner can be added also. RAM will go to 8GB of DDR3 Memory. The usual level of I/O comes as standard with Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, webcam a total of 8 USB 2 ports so you’ll never be stuck for attaching external devices. Prices start from £799 or $1305.


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