While we’re on the subject of smartphones today we may as well discuss this supposed leaked photo of HP’s new keyboard-less WebOS-based phone. This image was obtained from PreCentral. It’s form factor is more or less similar to that of the Pre 3 sans the physical keyboard. The folks at PreCentral speculate that this is the codenamed ‘Stingray’ phone from HP and figure just by looking that it has a 480 x 800 resolution. Personally I look at it and can’t see how anyone could deduce such detail or indeed any specs for that matter. Its even difficult to guess what size the screen is given the fact that there is nothing else in the picture to compare it to. But if those lines in the background are from an A4 paperback notebook then we’re probably looking at 4.1 inches.

It does appear there is a front facing camera hole at the top right of the phone beyond that I’d only be guessing further details. PreCentral’s source described the device as “an EVO with WebOS”. Now that would be something but it could equally be nothing more than a prototype. Personally I can’t see why the web is making such a big fuss about this story.


4 thoughts on “HP’s WebOS phone leaked?

  1. You can’t see why the web is making such a fuss because, even though you claim to be impartial, you love Apple. If this had been a leaked iPhone picture with nothing more than the front in it you would have written pages and pages on why it was significant.

    If this is a WebOS device, it shows HP are doing what Palm should have, expand the platform so that it’s more desirable for consumers and developers.

    1. I think you misunderstood what I meant by not understanding what the fuss was about. All we have here is a supposed leaked photo of a very ordinary looking smartphone that may or may not be running WebOS. There is no evidence to suggest it will beyond what PreCentral’s unconfirmed source told them and all they have to go on is this picture of a phone that is turned off. If they had conclusive proof that it was a new HP phone running WebOS then I might be impressed. Also If it is a WebOS phone then its not a shocking surprise considering WebOS is HP’s platform and the development of such a device seems inevitable anyway. Finally, I do not love Apple but people are welcome to try and tell me what I do and do not like thats their own business it doesn’t make it true. There have been plenty of similarly unsubstantiated iPhone 5 related rumors recently that I have not bothered to comment on due to their lack of credibility and sketchy details just like this story.

  2. This proves you read the comments, which means you have to much time on your hands or you really what this site to work …. or both.

    Anyway I see you point, but you do make a very amount of your videos on apple things, you logo for ages was an imac and there one in the back of your videos we also know its your main computer. So you can see where people are coming from I personally think there over priced for the hardware they have, nice computer work well do the job the meat for … most of the time (but that all computers) but i wouldn’t buy one unless i had lots of spare cash (unlikey and i move more away from that idea as i’m become a bigger nerd) or the price comes down.

    And yes a hell of a lots of PCs are over price but at least I can make mine own! speaking of which have you thought of doing case reviews and tests could be a good idea.

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