The 2011 iPod lineup rumors continue to poor in thick and fast. A few days ago we reported on the image of a purported iPod Nano featuring the return of a camera. This time its the turn of it’s bigger touch-based brother. Macrumors has received the images below of what is believed to be the 5th Gen iPod Touch due to be launched at Apple’s upcoming Music event in September. The images depict two notable features, 128GB of storage capacity and a capacitive touch-based home button.

Capacitive touch home button?
128GB of storage?

Its possible this is a fake and even if it is legitimate it may only be a prototype. Nevertheless it has been theorized that Apple may one day do away with the traditional clickable home button in favor of a capacitive version in not only it’s iPod touch line but also it’s iPhone and iPad range. If this was to happen it would be interesting to see if it would still be possible to perform hardware resets by holding the on/off and home buttons together.


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