A source at Apple.pro have leaked a photo displaying the chassis of a supposed 7th generation iPod Nano, which contains a hole for a camera on the rear of the device. Rumors from Apple.pro have been hit and miss in the past with them predicting correctly that the 6th gen Nano would have a mulit-touch display but also incorrectly speculating that Apple were working on a 15-inch Macbook Air.

Personally I would not be surprised if this story was true, Apple introduced a camera to the 5th generation click-wheel Nano and then took heavy flak for removing it from the 6th generation Nano. If this is true I would be feeling sorry for people who bought the current Nano, which looks to be following on in a similar development vein as the iPod Shuffle. The Shuffle’s second generation model contained a clickable button control pad, which was removed for the unpopular 3rd generation edition and reintroduced in the fourth generation. Apple’s iPod Music Keynote events are usually held in September so we will have to wait to find out exactly how the Nano turns out.


4 thoughts on “7th Gen iPod Nano to reintroduce camera?

  1. I still use my 5th Gen Nano I received last May as a gift. Great iPod, but I am interested in these small touch ones. We will just have to wait until the next music event I guess.

  2. I have no doubt in my mind that Apple is, at the very least, experimenting with the notion of reintroducing the rear camera for the next Nano.

    Am I the only one who is starting to feel more like Apple’s gimp than a customer?

  3. I hate the way in which apple is going with the new nano’s. I really want to see the re-introduction of the click wheel, as that screen is not only ridiculous to navigate, but also doesn’t feel like a nano. It’s the wrong aspect ratio. And it desperately needs to have the ability to watch films and music videos.

    1. The click wheel was brilliant when the iPod was in it’s infancy, largely due to the limitations of what the device could actually do. But in it’s later years, the complexity of the iPod made the wheel almost infuriatingly convoluted to use. By the end, there were just too many menus within menus; I, for one, wouldn’t want to go back to that.

      Does that mean I like the current input method of the touch Nano? Nope. It’s insanely cramped for touch gestures and, honestly, the concept of the device feels like a deliberate devolution: just to give Apple something to add ‘features’ to. I sincerely believe that touch input is the way forward with these higher-end devices, but this is just silly.

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