The brand new Windows 8 logon screen was leaked on the web yesterday. The source of the screenshot below is from WithinWindows and is said to be welcome screen for the pre-beta release of Windows 8. As you can see the login screen displays the text “press CTRL + ATL+ DELETE to log on” and also displays the date and time. There is a clear resemblance of this home screen style to that found in Windows Phone 7. In an attempt to unify their mobile and desktop platforms, Microsoft have gone for a similar aesthetic presentation of the logon screen although tablet users will use a pattern unlock to login. The mobile version for tablets and smart phones will also display an additional power management status icon.

There is evidence to suggest based on details of the latest Windows 8 build that users will only be able to change the background screen. Additional new features within the logon screen are expected, such as audio controls, which will allow users to control playback of music while the device is locked. For PC users this may be done through keyboard media navigation keys and for tablet or smart phone users this will likely be done through multi-touch gestures.


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