Google are back at it again with their annual April Fools day joke, this time they’ve created a fake new feature in Gmail called ‘Motion’ and an accompanying video describing how it works. Gmail Motion is described as using your computer’s Webcam to detect your body movements and convert them into user commands that Gmail can decipher. So in other words its kind of an Xbox 360 Kinect-style input feature. The hoax viral video demonstrates the hilarious physical movements and gestures needed to open and close an email, type, reply etc.

To view the Gmail Motion hoax page click here.

For this weeks real Technology news check out the Lack78 video below discussing Acer’s introduction of 4 new tablets in their Iconia lineup, Fujitsu is now shipping its LifeBook AH572 3D for $999, The LG 3D optimus pad was launched yesterday March 31st in Japan and Microsoft wish to introduce a higher capacity DVD disc format to the Xbox 360.


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