It has been rumored that Redmond have fired up the photocopier once again to this time copy the well known OS X feature Time Machine. According to Winrumors, Microsoft are working on a GUI based backup system called History Vault to be introduced in Windows 8. It keeps regular automatic backups of your computer’s files, folders etc by using Window’s existing Shadow Copy feature but now adds a front end user experience in a manner similar to the Mac’s Time Machine interface.

Although we are not given any clear indiction of what this GUI will look like, the leaked picture below does describe how it works. Little is known about Windows 8 beyond the fact that Microsoft intend to introduce a mobile version suitable for Arm-based tablets with a Windows Phone 7-style interface.


6 thoughts on “Windows 8 History Vault to Rival Time Machine Backup?

  1. Although many features in Windows are copied form elsewhere, Microsoft have come up with some fairly kick-ass stuff over the years, like Windows 7’s taskbar (which is nothing like Snow Leopard’s dock). This feature was missing but Windows Vista has Previous Versions which saves every version of a document so if it gets corrupted or tampered with, there’s still a working copy.

    1. actually the bar works pretty much the same. you press the icon it opens you left click the icon you get options or recent files, you click on the icon the second time you bring up everything already open. seems pretty much the same to me. aero’s theme enhancements are just a minor difference.

  2. I just switched over to Mac, but I agree with Jorge. Microsoft is still a good developer and I can’t see them messing this up easily.

  3. I would say that microsoft copies apple’s graphics, but apple copies microsoft’s features. People liken windows 7 taskbar to the dock and aero peek to expose. However apple’s new airport feature is pretty similar to that of microsoft’s homegroup. Apple’s time machine was also taken from microsoft’s system backup. I am not saying that Microsoft is bad or Apple is bad, but I do notice that microsoft has wonderful features but lack the graphical and possibly the name choosing aspects (example: play to, homegroup, remote media streaming). Apple, on the other hand, do very well in the name choosing and graphics departments but are lacking in the features aspect.

    1. i disagree, some of Microsoft’s features which are badly implemented into the GUI (you can tell i’m a mac user) are copied from apples osx. such as search in the start menu, widgets on the desktop.
      however i do agree that microsoft copies apple’s graphics. i never thought this until a microsoft employee actually came out and said that windows 7 copies the mac look and feel. of course microsoft denied this.

  4. they copy like with parental settings and a spotlight search but I use windows so I will upgrade to windows 8.

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