Samsung have today announced that they have begun mass production of their revolutionary transparent display. The breakthrough display does away with the need for power hungry backlights and instead uses ambient light to provide you with a see-through viewing experience. The Image appears projected directly onto the glass itself with the viewer able to see objects at the back of the display. This method is not only Sci-Fi impressive but its also an enormous energy saver consuming upwards of 90% less electricity than traditional LCD displays.

The transparent display was demonstrated by Samsung at SID in Seattle earlier this month and you can see in the demo image below that the text and photos appear on the screen while the bottles, grapes and white cloth can clearly be seen behind them.


5 thoughts on “Samsung start Mass Production of Breakthrough Transparent LCD display

  1. Yeah, this is totally not a mobile implemented technology. I see it being heavily used in mall shopping windows or perhaps in restaurants for futuristic feeling menus. So definitely a medium through with to make a lot of money from people who are drawn to shiny things.

  2. I hope they use it for companies and stuff or museums. it looks cool. i dont know picture any scifi show with that and use it the same way. now all we need is antigravity fields.

  3. Now use it on iDevices and Macs. Imagine… A MacBook Pro where you can see what its owner is doing…

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