Amazon has introduced a cloud-based music service called Cloud Drive. The service allows users an account of 5GB of music storage, which is advertised as enough space for approximately 1000 songs. It is accessible from any computer. The user can also add their new music purchases from Amazon’s MP3 store to their Cloud Drive account without impacting on their 5GB storage limit. Users who have already purchased an Amazon MP3 can get 20GB of storage for free. Further storage plans start at $20 for 20GB per year or $1 per GB per year.

Amazon’s own description of the service reads: “Amazon Cloud Drive is your hard drive in the cloud. Store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon’s secure servers. All you need is a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer.”

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4 thoughts on “Amazon introduce iTunes rival called Cloud Drive

  1. In all fairness it seems like a good start, but not something for me. Maybe for those who buy small 1-4GB mp3 players but I have a library already far more than that. 40GB on my classic and still rebuilding after a recent crash.

    iTunes may not be cloud based (yet) but it is an easy to use UI and can hold indefinite amounts of music. With the new MobileME revamp underway that may include cloud services, this may change the stakes for poor amazon over here. Jut think, you would never need to sync your ipods to a computer ever again unless it requires software updates. I think it is convenient but not at such a low storage. it’s better than dropbox with 2GB but nobody actually buys music from amazon and 90% of people I know have ipods/phones/pads with another 5% having nothing at all. I haven’t actually met anyone with an amazon device. I only know one friend who uses a Zune. And those with normal MP3s just get them from walmart. Though I’m not quite sure as to what an amazon device is exactly.

  2. I’ve been playing with it all day today, its pretty cool, I mean a dollar per gig for a year is a pretty convenient price, it also runs very smooth, and the uploads actually go pretty crazily fast, but Kurtis has a very good point.

  3. Ok so they what me to download the same 3.5 mb every time i what to to listen to a song so stay i listen to 2 hours music a day every day, call the average song that’s 3 mins so that is 20 songs an hour so 40 songs a day which use 140 mb a day so 51100 mb so 51.1 gb per year. how can that be eco friendly.

    Also i have to keep a copy on my phone, ipod or laptop so i can play them when not near a working internet, I call pointless

    But thats just me, i believe that no computer should have my things and run all my programs and a usb stick with things i need on it

  4. Well.
    I think that they want to get into the mp3 market against apples itunes. I think this a great idea but itunes will be a little bigger than cloud drive

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