Mozilla have already hit back at Microsoft’s valiant effort to improve their own Internet Explorer browser with the stunning new streamlined Firefox Version 4. Speed is of the essence in this latest release of Firefox thanks to the new JagerMonkey Javascript engine, which is 4 to 6 times faster than previous versions of the browser and it is indeed very noticeable it also makes good use of Hardware acceleration. Upon startup, you’ll notice that the browser window is much more streamlined and cleaner in look and feel. Visually like IE 9 you see more of the web as menu bars have been paired down to a minimum.

A very cool new addition is the feature called App Tab, which allows you to right click and permanently pin a website into the browser itself as a permanent open page. This page will run and update in the background and can be returned to with a single click. Taking the concept of tabs even further is Panorama, click on the Panorama window, now you can organize all of your tabs by category into one convenient canvas. You can group web pages together into organized categories, drag an drop sites directly into other tab windows and with a single click I can visit anyone of them with lightening quick speed with no need to re-render the page.

As you would expect Firefox, version 4 is very easy to customize too. With a comprehensive add on list you can make Firefox look and feel more to your liking. There are tons of custom skins to choose from so have fun creating your very own browser unique window that suits your style. Another big new addition in Firefox 4 is Firefox Sync, you can now sync all of your personal info to multiple computers and smartphones, all of your preferences, saved data, passwords, history, bookmarks and open tabs are securely synced and accessible across multiple devices.

So why not take Firefox version 4 out for a test drive today available to download now from Mozilla. Be sure to check out our review video below:


2 thoughts on “Firefox 4 Review

  1. I to am reviewing FF4. I’ve noticed it’s nearly the same speed as Chrome. So far, my experience was better than that of IE9.

  2. So far I’m loving it. I noticed a change from 3.6.14 to 4.0. Great browser. Chrome is good too and IE9. I have all 3 anyway.

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