Major book publisher’s Pearson and McGraw-Hill have signed a deal with Inkling, an iPad publishing company to provide textbooks to the iPad that will replace their traditional paper-based counterparts. The total amount of books expected to be introduced to the Inkling App will be upwards of 100 by next year. Matt MacInnis, Inkling Founder and Chief Executive describes how transitioning a paper book to ebook form is like “casting off the shackles of the book”. The eBooks can add interactive multitouch features and media specific to the iPad and MacInnis goes on to say that, “It only gets interesting when the content itself changes and begins to respond to your fingertips.”

The Inkling Platform has the ability to change the education industry and transition it exclusively to eBooks thanks to the influx of more publishers. But its my view that given the relatively slow adoption of publishers to this new media, this evolution will still take many years. One positive for students and buyers of these textbooks is that at present they cost an average of 35% less than their printed versions.  The Inkling App is available to download for free now from the App Store.


1 thought on “100 New Textbooks coming to iPad by 2012

  1. Say much as I would love not to have to bring lots of books around with me I have a problem with this idea on most screens. the background is a bright white normal for tables with a shine to it. It been prove for a number of learning Disabilities in my cause dyslexia that shine and bright white paper is very differcult to read from.
    I my selves can read from my computer for any length of time and on my netbook i can drop the brightness which i find helps but i can still can’t read as long as on matt paper that is yellow (like most novel are printed on).
    So that my problem with these things.

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