Following on from the issues related to the iTunes Home Sharing bug, it appears that the latest Sandy Bridge powered MacBook Pros launched in February are continuing to give problems. This time users are reporting freezing and hardware lockups when processor intensive tasks cause an increase in temperature in the realm of 90 degrees.

2011 MacBook Pros are over heating and crashing

Although I was unable to recreate any such crash on the 15 inch review model we used 2 weeks ago, the Apple forums are inundated with complaints related to this issue on 15 inch model. It is not yet known if the problem is confined solely to the 15 inch or if the 13.3 and 17 inch editions are also suffering the same problem. The lockups appear to be as a result of increased system load on both the CPU and GPU so video editing and other intensive processes would likely replicate the problem. At this point we can only speculate what might be causing this, either its to do with GPU drivers or corrupt power management settings. Either way Apple are believed to be working on a fix to this issue.


6 thoughts on “2011 MacBook Pros Freezing and Crashing!

  1. yeah my new macbook pro 13′ freezes sometimes when i open up the lid :/ only happened a few times but it is kind of annoying especially because one of the main reasons i got a mac was so i would have a reliable computer

  2. I have had no problems in regards to freezing/crashing on my MBP 13 and I’ve done a fair bit of gaming on it. Though I have had minor problems with the backlight for the screen not turning on when running off the battery. restarting fixes this though.

  3. Exact same story with me. I’ve had my Pro for just over a year now and it’s freezing for a bit whenever i’m running a good few programmes.

  4. I have the new 13″ model and it’s actually stalled up a couple of times on me. It’s very frustrating considering I was hyped about the new processors… That and they cost an arm and a first born sun as interest if you finance.

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