I’m pleased to announce that Paul Sheedy has joined Computing Forever to produce some of his own technology and tutorial videos on his YouTube channel eeipshy. Sheedy has worked for over 14 years as a software engineer and brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the staff. He has extensive experience in telecommunications and has worked as an innovation engineer for many leading software companies. He is a highly capable Web and cloud developer and specializes in all major programming languages including, Perl, Java, C++, Python, .Net, Objective C, Assembly Programming and many more. His interests in technology are not confined to computing and software however. He also has a passion for Aviation, Model Airplanes, Aerospace and Modified Cars.

Sheedy has collaborated on several Lack78 videos over the years including reviews of the Sony X Series Walkman, Popcorn Hour Media Storage Tank and the construction of the Custom built Core i5 PC . Sheedy’s unique and methodical approach to technical concepts, consumer devices, software and hardware offers a new dynamic to Computing Forever.

Check out his introduction video on YouTube here:


7 thoughts on “Paul Sheedy joins Computing Forever

  1. All the best Dave and Paul. I like the design of the website Dave. It’s not cluttered and I like your style of writing and humor! 🙂 I’ll be back soon. O and Dave, if you want to employ a decent Chef to cook for your Computing Forever staff; I’ll be on standby!

    1. my grammar = shit

      When is it that Paul will start putting up his posts, and will he have a different account to you so we can tell who is posting what?
      I mean
      Posted on March 19, 2011 by Super Paul
      Posted on March 19, 2011 by Sexy Dave

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