I remember only two years ago I purchased a 2TB My Book Studio external hard drive and thinking this was a frightening amount of storage to use. Of course when I raided it I only had half of that space and I was using it as my Time Machine backup. Whats more the drive failed after only a week or so. I’ve always been wary of extra large hard drives. As the old saying goes, “the bigger they come the harder they fall”. Sadly this is very true of large storage volumes. The bigger the capacity the higher the margin for error, just look at the debacle that Seagate had with their flagship 1TB and 1.5TB Barracuda disks back in 2009. Due to firmware issues drives were bricking themselves left right and centre. Thankfully Seagate largely resolved these issues but they certainly took their time.

Hard Drives fail, theres no getting around that and we all need back up solutions. Video files are becoming larger and those family home movies need to be saved somewhere. So you can probably imagine my trepidation when I read the announcement by Western Digital that they’ve just launched a 6TB My Book Studio Edition 2 external Hard drive. It’s comprised of two 3TB Caviar Green hard disks in one neatly packaged silver enclosure. The drives are accessible via USB 2, Firewire 800 and eSATA, this seems like a missed opportunity for ThunderBolt. Of course you can Raid these drives in any configuration you want and Western Digital’s own software comes included. It’s formatted for Mac OS X but can easily be formatted for Windows. The price is $550.

To follow up on this article be sure to watch this video below asking: What is your backup solution?


3 thoughts on “Western Digital launches 6TB My Book Studio Edition 2

  1. Will there be any chance of facebook integration for commenting? Makes it simpler in my opinion (Plus its the only reason I have an account).

  2. Beastly storage. Of course I heard Western Digital has been lacking in quality recently with more and more hard drives crashing. I’ll wait and see what the reviewers have to say.

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