If you’ve just purchased a new 2011 Sandy Bridge powered MacBook Pro, you may be experiencing difficulties creating and sustaining a Wi-Fi Home Sharing connection via iTunes to other Macs and iOS devices. As part of the iOS 4.3 update and the latest release of iTunes 10.2, users can now share content to Macs, PCs and iOS devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs). However a large number of users are reporting issues when attempting to share their libraries or connect to them. These users are currently confined to MacBook Pro users. Apple discussion forums are flooded with disgruntled users complaining of this issue and being forced to return their computers.

Effected users attempting to share videos through their Apple TV are being met by the following error: “There are no movies in this library”. Apple have yet to make a statement on this issue but are believed to be currently working on a fix. If you have experiencing issues with Home Sharing please let us know. My advice is to contact Apple Care and make them aware of this.


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