It’s a strange twist. While in the past we’ve seen full desktop operating systems transitioned to mobile devices like Windows tablets and smartphones. It’s a sign of the times when a mobile OS is installed on a desktop PC. This is what HP promise for their entire PC line up in 2012, notebooks and desktops included. CEO Leo Apotheker says they wish to make better use of WebOS, the same OS they took over when purchasing Palm Inc last year. This OS can be found running beautifully on their HP TouchPad tablet.

Of course Apple can been seen to be doing something similar in their incorporation of several iOS style features into their future OS X Lion Mac operating system. However this is not some custom WebOS UI front end bolted on top of Windows. This is full WebOS and nothing else.

HP claim that this move will entice developers to create new apps for WebOS to further develop alternative software options to leading competitors.

The question becomes, will this really work? And is it finally the right time to introduce a viable PC operating system alternative to Windows other than Linux? If successful, HP could be the only manufacturer other than Apple to have their own exclusive OS on their eco system. But theres still a massive glut of Apps for WebOS and its going to take time to close the gap. So how will this effect the Enterprise market with regard to their reliance on legacy applications and software? Small to medium businesses will still need the mainstay industry standard productivity and security features from Microsoft, Citrix, Linux and other sources. Will HP continue to even offer Windows as an alternate OS with their PCs in the future? Can this really work?


11 thoughts on “HP PCs to switch OS from Windows to WebOS in 2012?

  1. There is no way this will work, only result in a lot of angry HP fans. In fact, this idea will probably be destroyed before we even get to 2012. There would be a lot of strife toward HP when people buy one of their computers, expecting a quality Windows experience, only to find out that none of their old programs work.

    1. a windows quality experience is an old, stale and glitchy one! i cant wait to finally see some competition in the OS market instead of every PC running windows

        1. i have, and everyone keeps saying its incredible and whatnot but i really dont see it. personally i find it a pain to use but thats just my opinion. i just want an OS that i like that doesnt only come on incredibly overpriced computers

  2. But WebOS is a mobile OS. How and why would this work on a desktop? Unless they off a tool to allow full support for windows programs. I hate windows. I’ve used it since 98 and when xp came out I just hated it. I’m a Mac now. Any alternative to windows is welcome to me, but will it work? I would definitely get it as a netbook OS. I wouldn’t mind getting it, webOS seems fairly stable and I would love to see where they’re headed with it.

    On a side note, the comment box is poorly supported on the iPad Dave. I can’t elect and fix grammar errors I made at the beginning of the comment. If only the iPad had arrow keys. I just thought i’d let you know.

    1. Okay never mind i got it working. It’s just hard to select. i need to zoom in all the way and be very precise where to select. Just an iPad error nothing on your part. I hope they scrap iOS 4 soon and release a full redo. But the site is great so far and i will be recommending it to my tech friends.

  3. Hehe I windows Vista killed me so i switched to mac. But it would be good to see another operating system out there.

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