Building on the success of it’s predecessor the HD 5970, AMD has finally pulled the raps off its new game changing dual GPU, the Radeon HD 6990. Billed as the “world’s fastest graphics card” and for the price of $699 it had want to be. The specs read as follows: Core clock speed: 830MHz, Primate Rate: 4 prim / cllkm Shader Architecture VLIW4, Steam processors 3072ALU, Texture Units 192, frame buffer 4GB GDDR5, Memory width / speed: 256-bit / 5.0GBPS, Load board power <375W, display outputs 1 DVI and 4 mDP.

Featuring a core clock speed of 830MHz it can apparently be over clocked to about 880MHz with a memory clock speed of 1250MHz.

In terms of cooling its combines 20% more airflow and 8% additional thermal performance over its predecessor.


3 thoughts on “AMD Launches new Radeon HD 6990 Advanced GPU

  1. Dave, you forgot to add in the memory bandwidth of this new monster GPU. The memory bandwidth of the new AMD Radeon HD 6990 is an amazing first ever in technological history, 320gbps memory bandwidth! The elder ATI Radeon HD 5970 had an amazing 256gbps memory bandwidth. Bandwidth is very important because it mainly allows for more anti-aliasing and smoothing features to be established in a video card and on to your screen for an intense graphical game, so you can have 8X to 16x anti-aliasing on, and bandwidth also helps in less frame tearing. Basically, the more bandwidth in your video card you have, the more smoothing images you will see in intense applications like games and high end video editing.

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