After 3 years as a YouTube Video blogger and Technologist on, I’ve decided to diversify into written blogs and articles. My YouTube channel will continue to be the primary vehicle for my content but this website will be a much needed companion spin off. After months of careful thought and planning I’m very proud to finally be revealing to the world. I’m really excited about the possibilities for the future. I’m especially enjoying my return to writing as it has offered me a new creative window to express myself and a wonderful new way to reach my audience. I’d like to thank all of my subscribers and followers for their continued support and look forward to your feedback as the site develops.

The purpose of Computing Forever is to build on the success of my Lack78 Youtube Technology channel. First and foremost this is a Computing / Technology Website that will offer the latest news, reviews, rumors, speculation and opinion, all from my own perspective. Expect reviews of the latests, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming and software titles along with Tech blogs. I’ll keep you updated on everything thats happening in the world of Computing and Technology. My YouTube channel is now fully interactive via the WebSite menu bar for an easy access route to all of my videos.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Offical launch of Computing Forever!

  1. Hey Dave,
    Site looks great looking forward to reading all the things your sure to put up on it. I was think that now that you are being to expanded you may need a few people behind you. I am just saying that if you need a comment moderator to help you out as I’m sure that your going to get a lot of comments in the future I myself run a site on wordpress it not being it doesn’t have view but i get a hell of a lot of spam and I would love to help you out.

    I sure that you can edit on of the wordpress roles to give yourselves comment moderators role without them having power over posts and thing like that there many even be a plugin for it, I have to check now that I say it.

    Anyway getting completely off topic here but if you need comment moderators I sure the some of us can help out.

    Thanks for your time and hope everything goes well with the site.

    P.s. sorry for any mistakes both spelling or grammar dyslexia is a bitch you know.

  2. Dave you may what to great a nickname so your post say by Lack78 or Dave instead of admin, easy to do
    on the bottom left of admin interface, the page “User” once there hover over your account, the word “edit” will pop in click it. On this new page go down right under last name is nickname gave yourself one like Lack78, Dave or Mr Super Mac Awesome if you wish save and there you are finished.

    WordPress nicknames for Daves.

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