Repealing the Eighth would quickly lead to abortion on demand:

Billionaire Soros funding groups fighting to repeal Irish abortion ban:

What has happened to this Country:

Opinion: The truth doesn’t seem to matter very much in UCD revenge porn saga:

Make Dublin a sanctuary city for those affected by Trump’s travel ban here:

2011 Census: 45% of Londoners white British:

White Britons are now a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough and Birmingham is set to follow by end of decade:

Islam to become Ireland’s second religion by 2043:

Ireland learns to love its growing multiculturalism:

Professor believes the Irish will be an ethnic minority in Ireland by 2050:


2 thoughts on “Ireland’s Future: Liberalism & Abortion

  1. Dave, I hold a similar view on abortion as yourself. Please continue to make videos on this topic as you have quiet a large audience and I feel this view is very much under represented online. Keep up the good work.

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