Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy in the Making: Ethics, Politics, and Gender:

Sweden: Police humiliated and beaten up in Muslim area:

The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men:

“Boys are treated like defective girls.”:

Swedish women get hotline to report mansplaining:

Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group:

Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas:

Cologne Police Defend Racial Profiling On New Year’s Eve:

Swimming pool segregation on the rise to accommodate Muslim migrants in Sweden:

German rail operator launches women-only train carriages following sex attacks:

Swedish police respond to soaring numbers of migrant sex attacks with… bracelets:

Police warn women not to go out alone in Swedish town after spate of sex attacks:

Australian Muslim leader compares uncovered women to exposed meat:

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington:


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