HTC One M9+HTC One M9+: Why M9 users shouldn’t feel cheated

The new HTC One M9 has been relatively well received since its launch a few weeks ago, although it has hardly been the enormous success of its predecessors, the breakthrough M8 from last year. This week, many M9 users have expressed how dissatisfied they are following HTC’s announcement of a new HTC One M9+, which includes many new features and a few that the HTC One M9 dropped.

Right now the M9+ is only being launched in China and India, but we expect to see it worldwide soon. The problem here is, it makes total sense why people feel a bit cheated. For HTC to release the M9 as the replacement for the M8 and users to then get the news that there’s already a new edition on its way just further serves to highlight how cruel consumerist planned obsolescence can be. But I really believe this is not entirely the right way to look at it.

Although this does smack of a little of what Apple did some years ago when they launched the iPad 3 and then quickly followed it up 6 months later with the iPad 4, we really need to approach this from another perspective.

All the other big smartphone manufacturers have divided their premium-end smartphones into two categories. Samsung has the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Apple has the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so why can’t HTC have the One M9 and M9+? Well the reason for all the controversy is the timing. If HTC has have announced the M9 and M9+ together, it would have made sense, but instead because they announced them separately, it looks like a cynical attempt to squeeze more cash out of their customers. The truth is, HTC’s approach here was flawed from the beginning.

They should have unveiled the M9+ as a higher-end companion handset to the M9 from the very beginning. I just cannot fathom how they thought this approach would be a good idea? What were they thinking? I don’t think there’s much justification on the face of it for consumers to feel cheated, but HTC should have done better here. It’s important not to consider the M9+ as a premature replacement to the M9, but as a companion edition to it. They are both equally the successors to the HTC One M8.

HTC One M9 Vs HTC One M9+

The critical differences between the HTC One M9 and its bigger brother, the M9+ are as follows: The M9+ features a slightly larger screen than the M9, 5.2-inches compared to 5-inches. It also has a higher display res of 2560 x 1440 compared to the M9’s 1080p screen.

The bigger M9+ cranks the PPI pixel density to 565 over it’s little brother’s 441. The M9+ features a MediaTek processor rather than a Snapdragon chip found in the M9. It’s not known if it’s down to performance to regional variations due to launching first in India and China. But performance differences won’t be too noticeable. Both units have 3GB of RAM.

Like I said before, the M9+ restores the rear camera’s depth sensor from the M8 and also introduces a fingerprint scanner. Nice additions, certainly the M9 remains a good phone but the M9+ is everything M9 buyers wanted the M9 to be.

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