Apple MacMy Mac Switching Story: 7 Years Later

It’s been almost 7 years to the day since I went Mac and switched from my Dell Dimension 9200 PC to an iMac. I switched back in 2008 because I needed to get Final Cut Pro 6 for video editing purposes and I wanted to learn how to edit professionally.

My first Mac was a 20-inch iMac but I only kept it for two weeks before I decided to replace it for a higher spec 24-inch Model. It had a 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive.I kept that thing for 5 years and 8 months. By the end it was way too slow to do the things I need it to. I upgraded to this 27-inch iMac in early 2014. So how has my experience been since switching and how as my opinion of Apple and the Mac lineup changed over the years?

When I first switched it was like a kind of honey moon period. I was coming from Windows XP and so OS X Leopard was a major change. It was fast, beautiful to look at, packed full of awesome features and all my multimedia, from photos, movies and music were all so perfectly and efficiently integrated across various interconnected Mac apps. The user experience and interface were seamless and the customer support and build quality were top class.

This was an important period for me for two reasons, firstly, when I produced that first iMac unboxing video back in 2008, it began my YouTube career and secondly it rekindled my love of computing, which had been waning at that point.

I loved the attention to detail and alternative take on computing that the Mac offered. However, as the years rolled on and Apple began to take some questionable commercial directions and their build quality began to lag. I realised that I’d been naive to buy into Apple’s reality distortion field. They’re not purely out to change the world with their “Think Different”, artist interpretation of computing, they’re a big greedy corporation that does whatever it takes to make money. From incorporating planned obsolescence in their products, dropping features, their inflated prices, suing the competition for questionable copyright infringement instead of competing properly, neutering their products to squeeze more money out of their loyal customers, exploiting cheap foreign labour as they all do and all too often using manipulative marketing techniques to seduce people into buying things they don’t need.

My experience with Apple has thought me a lot about the tech world, consumerism and also myself as a person. I’ve grown up a lot over the past 7 years. I was only 24 when I began, I’m 32 now and I can honestly say a completely different person than I was back then. I’m a lot more wary and more skeptical now with a more realistic outlook that’s been tempered by experience.

I certainly don’t regret switching to the Mac. I had grown tired of Windows and although Windows 7 and 8 were vastly improved over the failed VISTA and ageing XP, they never once tempted me back. For all that Apple do wrong nowadays and I could go into detail on why the iPhone and iOS don’t interest me, they do things right when it comes to desktop operating systems. OS X remains their finest achievement in my view. I’ve been far more productive with the Mac than I ever was in Windows. Although both are fine PCs, from a creative standpoint, the Mac has always been and remains the best option for creative professionals.

Ultimately these are all just tools to get work done, so branding oneself a Mac or a PC or a fanboy of one or the other is nonsense and really serves to create dogmatic sectarianism and loyalty to companies that really don’t care about you.

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