Top 8 Most Underrated Video Games Ever

Now it’s time to run through my list of 8 Most underrated video games of all time.

Number 8: Prey (2006):Top 8 most underrated video games of all time

This is a first person shooter centred on a Native American character and his grandfather and girlfriend who are abducted by Aliens. What’s incredibly unique about this game is its use of portals and variable gravity. Yep, this game used portals before the game Portal. This is one of the trippiest, most mind bending first person shooters you can play. Graphics were solid for the time and the unique and innovative Spirit walking element of the game made the Prey universe seem multilayered and more dynamic than most stock FPS titles.

Number 7: Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl (2007):

An open world FPS game based in Chernobyl, post nuclear disaster with a post apocalyptic atmosphere and insanely intelligent bad guys. This is a terrific, intimidating and deeply immersive game. You play as, The marketed one, you’ve lost your memory and you have to find out what’s been going on in this irradiated wasteland called The Zone, populated by zombies, enemy military factions and mutated creatures. The game is never quite the same twice. Bad guys spawn in different locations, the game mechanics aren’t your standard run-and-shoot-everything-kind either. You have to use your surroundings in a more realistic manner and engage enemies one at a time. You also have to manage your health as running takes energy and you need rest and food. An excellent game that will scare the crap out of you.

Number 6: NHL Hockey for the Sega Genesis (1991): This was an excellent Ice Hockey title that took up just a little too much of my 9th birthday. The speed, intensity, fun and heavy handedness of the real game are all present, including the punch ups. What I liked about it was that the skill level rose gently as you progressed through the championship and certain refereeing rules could be adjusted or jettisoned to offer a more arcade-style experience.

Number 5: Blur (2010):  This is perhaps the oddest modern racing game you’ll ever play. It incorporates real world cars and locations but with an arcade racing style right out of Mario Kart. With racing game mechanics that couldn’t be less realistic, Blur offers a compelling multiplayer experience, complete with combat weapons and power ups.

Number 4: Blood (1997): Here’s another first person shooter, this one from back when they were just beginning to take off. Blood uses the Build engine as seen in Duke Nukem. This is one bloody tough game and I mean that in every way. It’s a fun game with a lot of good humour, homages to popular horror movies and super destructive weapons.

Number 3: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (2014): After a 16 year hiatus, Tex Murphy is back. You play as Tex in the film noir style, cyberpunk post-apocolyptic sci-fi adventure game set in the year 2050, complete live action video. You wake up with no memory of the last 7 years, you’re embroiled in a mystery concerning the disappearance of your girlfriend, a murder, a mysterious conspiracy regarding the Tesla cache and a plot for world domination. Game environments are enormously immersive, there’s a lot of good humour and well rounded characters, the video is all in glorious 2K, oh and there’s 3 unique paths and 5 different endings. It’s a bargain on Steam for just $20.

Number 2: Never Alone (2014): A puzzle-platformer video game with a story steeped in Alaskan indigenous folklore. You play as Nuna and her arctic fox, switching between the two as you navigate the frozen wilderness. The game design and music are really something and the artwork borrows from cartoons and scrimshaw traditions. At times the platform elements are a tad frustrating, but it’s a challenging and unique game, especially in today’s gaming market.

Number 1: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001): Long time Sonic fans were divided on this one. It’s a great shame because it provided extremely varied gameplay but felt very much divorced from its 2D side scrolling console routes. Among the most notable gripes people had were its camera movements, voice acting and plot.

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