So you make YouTube videos and you want massive views. In order to achieve this you have to first understand the most popular trends on YouTube. You’ve got to identify what works, what does’t work and what viewers and subscribers respond to when watching YouTube videos. In this video, we’re going to run down the 7 types of videos that get the biggest views on YouTube.

When you’re working hard shooting and editing elaborate videos for your YouTube business, it can be very difficult to accept the fact that often the most viewed YouTube videos are the ones where the creator didn’t put much effort in at all.

So Number 1 is Funny Animal videos, specifically Cats. What’s great about these types of YouTube videos is that the production quality of your videos doesn’t matter. You can literally film them with your smartphone. Some of these are hilarious and adorable. Find yourself a crazy cat with bizarre tendencies and you could have a viral hit.

But it’s important to stipulate that there’s a big difference between cute and funny and videos that jeopardise an animal’s safety just for views. Some of these cat videos are in seriously bad taste. YouTube Videos in which an animal is placed in any danger by its owner should be flagged on YouTube.

Number 2: Prank Videos: I’m not really a fan of these, although some social experiment videos are quite clever and harmless fun, others are either downright morally questionable, a form of public harassment or just plain dumb. A new trend of pranks that go wrong has emerged on YouTube, these videos get massive views. But they are seriously irresponsible and stupid. Picking fights and getting punched in the face just to grab some cheap views on YouTube is a bad way to make money, plus you look like an idiot. Furthermore, if you’re looking to become a professional YouTuber, this is hardly the best way. As I mention in my book Living Off YouTube, you’ll find it impossible to get a sponsor onboard and a Multichannel Network won’t touch you.

Number 3: Let’s Play videos: Let’s plays can be an awesome resource for the gaming community and they allow gamers to get a sense of a game before they purchase it. There’s no better way of selling a game then seeing it played. Play throughs are among the highest viewed types of YouTube videos. Although it’s important to stipulate that the market is becoming saturated with these types of videos right now and bigger YouTubers have it cornered so try to be more original.

Also be warned, If you’re going to make Lets Plays, some game developers really don’t like you publishing in-game footage of their games in your YouTube videos and they will flag your content for copyright infringement. So conduct some research on Game forums to determine which titles are safe to make videos about first. Furthermore, some big budget titles contain music tracks from popular musicians and artists and these can earn you content ID matches on YouTube and even full blown copyright strikes. So it may be best to mute the audio or disable the music for portions of gameplay that feature such tracks.

Number 4: How-To’s and Tutorials: Although they won’t earn you as many views as the previous three video types I’ve mentioned, there’s a big market for YouTube videos explaining how something works. Google’s current SEO algorithms are very much geared towards helping people find answers to their questions so whether you’re making videos explaining how to publish your first eBook, how to use Final Cut Pro X, how to perform a full service on your car or you’re producing a Makeup tutorial, these kinds of videos will get you views. You just have to remain consistent and make sure you’ve got good quality tags, an optimised title and good video and audio quality.

Number 5: Consumer Buying Advice: YouTube Videos comparing one product against another are far more popular than straight up product review videos. Producing content that helps people make purchasing decisions is a sure fire way of building an audience and attracting subscribers.

Number 6: Celebrity and Entertainment videos: If you make regular, well produced YouTube videos talking about the latest Marvel super hero film or 10 reasons why Game Of Thrones is better than Lord of the Rings, you’re going to get views. Simple as that. The sci-fi, comic con generation is global and very humongous. But be prepared to receive comments from viewers arguing endlessly about why Matt Smith’s Doctor is better than David Tennant’s and vice versa. Geek fights and trolling await. You’ve been warned.

Number 7: Lifestyle, Fitness and Self / Help videos: It seems these days, everyone’s an expert about something, from life coaching to business consultants and self-appointed gurus, there’s an enormity of videos aimed at helping people. The truth is, a good portion of these people are little more than charlatans that peddle pseudo intellectual gibberish and new age woo woo, you’ll have to sift through all the really bad videos in order to find the really genuinely beneficial ones.

The self-help market is booming right now and people seem to think that they can solve their problems by either walking on hot coals or swallowing a magic pill. If you’re going to make self-help YouTube videos be they in lifestyle or financial advice, please have a qualification in something like psychology, social care work or business. There are far too many naive people being taken advantage of.

So that concludes this rundown of the 7 types of videos that get the biggest views on YouTube. If you want big views, make these kinds of videos, but just keep in mind, prank videos and bogus self-help videos will effectively mean you’re compromising your integrity.

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