I was delighted this week to have the opportunity to do something I rarely get the chance to on my YouTube channel, make a collaboration video with top YouTubers.

This special edition video entitled: “What Does Technology Mean to You?”, brings together my favourite technology experts, reviewers and analysts, Chris Pirillo, Dave Cryer of Geekanoids, David Di Franco, Warren Bowman and Felix Bahlinger. This was my first time producing a collaboration video of this scale before and it truly was an honour to have such YouTube industry heavy weights onboard. These gentlemen really need no introduction when it comes to their place in the consumer tech video pantheon. Their reputations as some of the industries’ most influential thinkers and content creators is well established.

Chris Pirillo, Dave Cryer of Geekanoids, David Di Franco, Warren Bowman and Felix Bahlinger. Chris Pirillo

The video explores the impact of consumer technology on their lives and businesses and what they believe it brings to society. For me personally, Man has always been an inventor and he has used technology to survive, change, learn, evolve and alter his environment. Nowadays technology pervades our culture in a much more influential manner, from entrainment through to communications and socialising. The direction of consumer technology in the future, will no doubt continue to shape our day-to-day lives in aways we cannot yet image but will no doubt appreciate.

Chris Pirillo of LockerGnome discussed how much we now take technology for granted, from our smartphones, tablets, PCs, televisions and even our cars. They have all become so simplified and intuitive that we barely understand how they work and we don’t need to. Chris Pirillo is also known for his Geeky “Pirillo Vlogs” on YouTube.

Dave Cryer highlighted the importance of appreciating how technology has opened up avenues online for socialising and making new friends. He also underlined the significant breakthroughs in medical science that advances in technology has brought about.

David Di Franco, AKA The Creative One and Felix Bahlinger celebrated the life-changing benefits that consumer electronics has brought about for their businesses and careers.

Warren Bowman of BWOne, talked about how his lifestyle was entirely centred around the tech that he uses everyday, from how he earns a living, his job and how it also crosses over into his recreation.

Check out the full video at the link below and leave comments discussing what Technology means to you.  One again, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the video, it was a pleasure to work will all of you.



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