Tech Poll: What Version of Windows are you running?


Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8Back in September, Windows 7 finally surpassed Windows XP in global popularity. Mac OS X also surpassed Windows Vista, however the newly launched Windows 8 seems to be finding user adoption a more difficult undertaking than its predecessor. Thus far, Microsoft‘s latest desktop offering has received mixed reviews in the technology industry despite its fancy new Modern UI interface and tablet-focused direction. 

Over the years, Apple have managed to encourage users to upgrade to their newest big cat OS titles without much trouble, while their Redmond-based competitors seem to struggle in generating the same level of adoption. OS X Mountain Lion grabbed a sizeable 20% share of all Macs in just two over months after its release with Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard all feeling a the squeeze. Continued migration of the Mac user base to Mountain Lion seems inevitable, however Windows appears to be much more fragmented. For example, Windows XP is an 11 year-old OS that continues to occupy an alarming number of office and college dorm computers despite its declining popularity. In today’s technology poll I’m asking you: What version of Windows are you currently running on your primary PC?

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