Lack78 Tech videos Recap

For those of you who may have missed my most recent technology news videos on YouTube now is the perfect time to catch up. On July 5th I uploaded the video entitled: ACTA Defeated! / 75-inch Smart TV / iPad Mini. In this video I discuss the defeat of ACTA in the European Parliament, the ES9000 75-inch Smart TV from Samsung and rumors of the new iPad Mini. Next up is my most controversial video yet. On July 7th I uploaded a feature blog entitled: Google’s Project Glass: The Destruction of Humanity. This video questions whether Google’s Project Glass device is socially destructive to our society.

I argue that it may cause its users to become removed and withdrawn from reality and addicted to its functions. Could it create a kind of Orwellian Dystopian future?  Finally on July 10th I provided the first tech news roundup of the week with a video called: New iPod Nano / 13-inh Retina MacBook Pro / Windows 8. In this blog I talk about rumors of a new redesigned iPod Nano, a 13-inch Macbook Pro with retina display and Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 is due in October. Furthermore Samsung have won the latest round of legal battles against Apple. Click on the video boxes below to watch them now.

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